The Importance of Celebrating a First Birthday Party


In a way, the first birthday is like the first chapter of a new story. Even though the baby has yet to start crawling and talking, the first birthday is a time when families and friends can look forward to the future of a child that will continue to grow and get stronger. Sometimes, you might think that it would be better to forego the first birthday party to save money or for other reasons; but you really should reconsider. Here are reasons why you should celebrate your baby’s first birthday party:

1. It’s not just for the baby.

A lot of people assume that birthday parties are simply for one person—and while that might be true later on down the road, right now, the first birthday isn’t focused on the baby alone. It’s about the parents, too. With the baby born and the newborn months passed, you can begin to celebrate the part where you and your family start to support one another and build even stronger relationships. You can look forward to the many other birthdays that will come. So invite your friends, family, and enjoy the moment.

2. You and your family survived the first year!

Think about it, about a year ago, you were pregnant. Now, aside from the early morning feeding sessions and smelly nappies, things have begun to normalize in your life (and your body hopefully) again. You have successfully survived the first year of being a parent. You are learning a lot of new things about raising a family. Though your baby might not remember their first birthday bash, you will.

3. Family and friends can socialize.

When you find out that you're pregnant, a lot of socialising goes by the wayside. You might find yourself not doing a lot of what you enjoy, such as getting a drink with the girls during Happy Hour or taking a drag of a cigarette out on the back porch. Since you had preparations to make for a baby, you started saving up money and had to limit your spending on luxuries, like a vacation or new clothing for yourself. However, now that you have survived the first year, you can start socialising again!

So invite the friends and family. Have them bring over some potluck items, and stock up the freezer with beer and wine if that’s your thing. Sit around and talk about things that you might have missed while dealing with a newborn. Remember, the first birthday party is about the parents too!

4. You can make memories to share with your child later.

One of the most important reasons why you should have the first birthday party is to fill up a photo album with smiling faces and good times. Sure, your baby isn’t going to care right now about the people knocking back a cold one on the sofa, but in the future, you will have stories to tell. So, go on, snap pictures of your one-year-old tasting cupcake icing for the first time, the circles of friends and family, and all the antics in between. This will be the last time in a long time friends and family all gather around like this, so cherish it.

In short, the first birthday party isn’t about the baby, because the baby won’t remember it except through pictures and recordings. The first birthday is a celebration of what you and your family have accomplished. Spread the cheer. Reunite with friends and family. That is what the first birthday is all about.

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